Professional Beauty and High-Definition Makeup Artist Class

5 days, $1,660 including cost of a set of pro makeup brushes REQUIRED for class, Certification is provided at end of class, No kit included

Everything will be provided for class, no need to bring or purchase anything for class. You can use certificate you receive to set up pro makeup artist discount and buy your products at maximum discount provided to all pro makeup artists (up to 40% off).


$100 off when you enroll this class with Airbrush Makeup Training at the same time.

$200 off when you enroll this class with Hair Styling Class at the same time.

$300 off when you enroll this class with Airbrush Makeup Training and Hair Styling Class at the same time.

**When booking, there’s a deposit for each class. Discount, if any, will be automatically given at check out.**

Want to be your own boss and build your own business? Or work for makeup cosmetic companies? How about the multi-billion dollars bridal industry? Perhaps you want to be in film, TV, fashion, magazine or fashion runway show?

This program is perfect for you.

You will learn all about beauty makeup, both fundamental of professional makeup artistry and advanced makeup artistry techniques. Learn how to create High-Definition makeup application, both cream-based and water-based foundation for fashion, TV, film and bridal industry.

All makeup and supplies are provided for students in class. There’s no need to purchase anything or bring anything to class. The certificate that you will receive at the end of the class can be used to set pro makeup artist discount at one of the largest pro makeup supply stores in Los Angeles.

Makeup artist certificate will be rewarded at end of class. The program also provide portfolio building opportunities during class, apprenticeship and work opportunities within various industries: bridal, film, TV, commercial. We will offer an on-going career guidance should you need one.

Cost of class is $1660, including cost of a set of professional makeup brushes REQUIRED for class. There is no makeup kit included in the cost of this class. All products and supplies will be provided for class. There’s no need to purchase a kit to take the class. Students will be taking turns to practice on each other in class.

**You can re-take the class again for free within one year if you feel like you need a refresher after your class.**

Want more details about what you’ll be learning on each day? Let us break it down for you:

Day 1:

  • Understanding color theories. This is the key to great beauty makeup artistry. You will understand the skin undertones and skin color shades.
  • You will be learning how to find a 100% perfect match to your client’s skin undertone and shade using only a handful of products.
  • You will learn how customize each client’s highlight and contour colors that will always compliment client’s skin.
  • Understanding the difference between color correctors, concealer, foundation, light to full coverage concealers.
  • In depth knowledge of how to color correct skin discolorations. For examples, dark circle under eye area, redness on nose/cheeks, green/blue skin tone around mouth, chin, neck and jawline.
  • Learning how to create/customize your own concealers that work best for each client using only a handful of products.
  • Understanding the use of different types of skin primers, when to use or not use skin primer.
  • How to prepare your client’s skin according to their skin conditions and textures.
  • Learning the difference between liquid, cream and water-based foundations and how to use them.
  • In depth knowledge of setting powder, finishing powder, pressed powder foundation and HD powder. Understanding when to use what type of powder.
  • Understanding why we use makeup setting spray and how to utilize it before and during makeup application as well.
  • Learning the fundamental techniques of highlighting and contouring.
  • Understanding when and where to highlight and contour.
  • Knowing when and where you should not highlight and contour.
  • How to use cream blush and pressed powder blush in a professional way.
  • How to use illuminating highlighting power and bronzing powder. Also, understanding types of products that should or should not be used in different situations.
  • How to set up your working station and sanitation — taking care of both your clients and your products.

Students will be able to create this look by the end of day 2 at Hollywood Makeup School. This is the look for all modeling agencies, model/actor headshots, corporate headshots, skin care product commercials, TV commercials, film and TV productions. This look is becoming more and more popular for runway shows like LA Fashion Week, NYC Fashion Week.

Day 2:

  • Learning different professional eyebrow mapping techniques and how to customize it for each client.
  • How to do eyebrow makeup for film and TV.
  • How to do eyebrow makeup for fashion and bridal.
  • In depth understanding of color theories for eye makeup.
  • Learning how to use color theories to compliment and make client’s eyes stand out more.
  • Understanding how to compliment client’s skin’s undertone using eye makeup.
  • Learning how to identify different undertones of eye makeup colors.
  • In depth understanding of eye structures.
  • Understanding the difference between eyelid crease and eye socket.
  • Understanding color placement on different areas of eyes, and how important it is to use correct tones and shades of eyeshadows.
  • Learning the different use of matte and shimmery eyeshadows.
  • Understanding how to choose and use matte and shimmery eye makeup for different clients.
  • Learning different types for eyeshadow primer, why we need them, when we don’t use it, and how to use it properly.
  • Learning step-by-step how to apply eyeshadows according to eye structures.
  • Understanding different eyeshadow application techniques.
  • Understanding blending of eyeshadow application techniques.
  • Learning how to create from a simple eye makeup to something more dramatic with ease.
  • How to do proper tightlining to create a simple, yet beautiful look for any occasion.
  • How to dramatize and accentuate basic tightlining.
  • Understanding proper use of pencil product and how to keep it sanitary.
  • Perfecting natural looking lip color application using pencil liner, lip color and lip gloss.
  • In depth understanding of color theories for lip colors.
  • Learning how to use color theories of lip colors to compliment client’s features.
  • Understanding how to compliment client’s skin’s undertone and eye color using lip makeup.
  • Learning how to identify different undertones of lip makeup colors.

Students will be able to create this look by the end of day 3 at Hollywood Makeup School. This is a very popular look that gets requested all the time. It is a “Classic Hollywood” look that a lot of brides and celebrities love.

Day 3:

  • Introduction to makeup business and personal services.
  • How to start your own business.
  • How to network.
  • How and where to create your business card, website, social media accounts.
  • Where to network and build your portfolio.
  • Where and how to connect with other professional in the beauty industry.
  • What you need in your kit as a fashion and bridal makeup artist.
  • What else you might need when you work in film and TV.
  • Learning different types of false eyelashes.
  • How to carry only limited types of false lashes and able to create many looks with them.
  • False eyelashes application in a professional techniques.
  • In depth understanding of different eyeliner techniques.
  • How to create eyeliner using different products to create varieties of results.
  • Understanding wing and/or cat eyeliner.
  • In depth understanding of eye structures that can or cannot wear wing and/or cat eyeliner.
  • Perfecting red lip makeup application.
  • Perfecting all techniques from day 1, day 2 and day 3.

Day 4:

  • In depth understanding of different types of smokey eye makeup — traditional VS contemporary.
  • How to create natural looking smokey eye.
  • How to create dramatic smokey eye.
  • How to create smokey eye with colors — both matte and shimmery eyeshadows.
  • In depth understanding of highlighting and contouring.
  • In depth understanding between standard and corrective highlighting and contouring.
  • How to transform and/or face-shape correct client’s features.
  • Learning how to use corrective contouring.
  • Learning how to use corrective highlighting.
  • Understanding fundamental highlighting and contouring for high-definition photography and videography.
  • Perfecting all techniques from day 1, day 2, day 3 and day 4.

Day 5:

  • In depth understanding of different types of glamour eye makeup — traditional VS contemporary, natural VS dramatic.
  • How to create cut crease eye makeup.
  • Learning how to apply makeup on matured skin.
  • Understanding what types of products you can or cannot use on matured skin.
  • In depth understanding of bridal industry for makeup artist.
  • In depth understanding of service contract for bridal industry.
  • Learning what to ask your clients to determine your client’s preference, expectation and goal.
  • How to price your services for different types of jobs.
  • Perfecting all techniques from day 1 – day 5.

So why choose our school?

People from all over the world travel to attend our intensive professional makeup certification program. Our makeup classes are small to ensure proper education, unlike other schools that pack in 10-20 students and only care about the numbers not the quality.

We have graduated over 1,000 students since 2005. Instructors are working professionals in the industry who have mastered their craft. Our guarantee is that you can take the classes over as many times as you like without paying additional fees.

Networking and career development is one of our strengths along with our solid education. The curriculum is based on the technical side of makeup as well as the artistry side. Our curriculum here at Hollywood Makeup School constantly upgrades and changes the training to meet the needs of the students. By emphasizing on teaching the technical side of makeup artistry, it insures that the makeup application can be achieved on any client. Only the top quality makeup products are used in our training, for example: Make Up For Ever, MAC, Temptu, Anastasia Brow among others.

Unlike other schools who use white label makeup that is a no name brand and will not be used on professional paying jobs, we will be using the real professional makeup products where we, the professional makeup artists, do use on celebrities, actors, models, brides, etc.



  • JUN 15 – 19 @ 11 AM – 6 PM
  • AUG 12 – 16 @ 10 AM – 5 PM
  • OCT 14 – 18 @ 10 AM – 5 PM
  • DEC 16 – 20 @ 10 AM – 5 PM


  • AUG 2, 8, 9, 15, 16 @ 10AM – 5PM
  • OCT 4, 10, 11, 17, 18 @ 10AM – 5PM
  • DEC 6, 12, 13, 19, 20 @ 10AM – 5PM


For financing, you must:

1. Apply for PayPal Credit and get approved for the amount you wish to pay for class(es).

2. Contact us via phone (323) 932-9100 or email

3. Let us know you wish to use your PayPal Credit to finance your class(es)